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This blog was started in an attempt to address the shortage of lesbian sex advice available. It is simply not true that being a woman means that you automatically know how to make love to another woman - although it does help. My articles are listed by topic on this page. I will be adding more as I write them, so check back often. My lesbian sex book is another resource for bi-curious, bisexual, and lesbian women.

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      • 3 Tips for Straight Girls Who Want a Lesbian Hook-Up
      • 12 Erogenous Zones Every Lesbian Couple Should Explore 
      • 10 Tips to Be a Better Kisser
      • 10 Sexy and Romantic Types of Kisses Every Lesbian Should Know 
      • 4 Female Hot Spots That Aren't the Clitoris 
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      • Lesbian Sex: 5 Techniques for Achieving Multiple Orgasms
      • How to Give Your Lover an Erotic Spanking
      • 5 Ways to Make Lesbian Sex Even Sexier
      • Kegel Exercises: The Secret to Intense Orgasms
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      • 8 Lesbian Foreplay Tips to Drive Your Lover Wild With Desire
      • The Top 10 Lesbian Sexual Fantasies
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      •  10 Lesbian Sex Questions Bi-Curious Women Often Ask
      • How Women Can Experience More Sexual Pleasure and Orgasms
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      • Bi-Curious? What Is Sex With Another Woman Really Like?
      • Kegel Exercises for More Powerful Orgasms
      • FFM Threesomes: What to Do With the Other Woman

      • Lesbian Sex Positions 
          Lesbian Tribbing