Monday, August 29, 2016

Lesbian Breast and Nipple Play

Playing with their lover's breasts and nipples is a sexual activity that many lesbians love. Some women's nipples are very sensitive, and they can even have an orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. Some women can only tolerate a gentle touch on their breasts. Others enjoy a bit of rough handling or even pain. If you're not sure where to start, here are some tips for lesbian breast and nipple play:

Caress Her

Begin by caressing her breasts gently and slowly. Lightly brush your palm along the sides and bottoms of her breasts, while working your way to her nipples. Touch both her breasts at once or focus on one at a time. Let your hands move down past her breasts to her stomach and thighs and then move back up to her breasts again. Don’t forget about the areas between and below her breasts. These aren’t the most sensitive spots, but are great areas to hit when warming her up.

Cup Her Breasts

Begin by very gently cupping her breast and lightly brush over the nipple with your palm. If you get a good response to this – back arching, sighing, pressing your hand harder against herself – you can apply more pressure.

Pull or Pinch Her Nipples

Some women like their nipples pulled, pinched, or even twisted. It can be slightly painful, but that's part of the pleasure. Take her nipple between your fingers and slowly pull them away from her body. Watch how she responds before progressing to pinching or twisting.

Suck, Lick, and Blow

Take her nipple into your mouth and let it out with a pop. As she gets more turned on, you can add more sensation. Flick your tongue across her nipple and then take her whole breast into your mouth. Suck on her nipples. Vary the suction and see how she responds. While your lips are working one breast, tease her other breast with your hand. Blow on her nipples, alternating a little sucking or licking with your breath.


Use your teeth to gently give her tiny bites on her breasts and nipples. Biting can be pleasurable or painful depending on the woman, her mood, or time of the month. Take your cues from her about how hard to bite.

Finally, it's not just what you do that will turn her on. It's also what you say. If you love her breasts, tell her so. Compliments are a powerful aphrodisiacs, and feeling comfortable about her body will help to elevate her mood, libido and sexual response.

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