Friday, February 3, 2017

How to Seduce a Straight Girl in 6 Easy Steps

Are you a lesbian with a crush on a straight girl? A recent study discovered that a majority of women are sexually attracted to other women. That means your chances of getting your crush into bed are actually pretty good. Not a sure thing by any means, but definitely not out of the question. Making a pass at her right away, though, is almost certainly out of the question. Following these six steps instead will get you to the point where you can make that pass with a good chance of it being well-received.

1) Don't tell her you're a lesbian right away.

This is kind of a non-step, but an important one most of the time. If she doesn't already know that you're a lesbian, no need to possibly scare her off. However, if she should ask, don't lie. It will make things really awkward later in step five and probably blow you chances. No one likes aa liar. Besides, she might reveal that she's bisexual or, at least, bi-curious. If she asks whether you intend to seduce her, playfully admit it. If she doesn't beat a hasty retreat at that point, you have a great chance of scoring with her as long as you don't blow it by moving too soon or too agressively.

2) Become her friend first.

Becoming her friend first will increase your chances of becoming her lover later - and make it more fun if you do. Be sensitive. Listen to her. If she has boyfriend troubles, sympathize with her, but don't engage in male bashing. It makes you seem less nice. Who wants to go to bed with a hater?

3) Plan fun activities that you can do together.

When you first meet your crush, talk with her about her interests. Plan fun activiies you can do together based on these interests (dates or just hanging out). Try to include some things that she normally wouldn't do with a guy. Make sure that all dates go smoothly, and that she is happy! Check prices, locations, weather, etc. before the date.

4) Feel her out.

Feel her out before you try to feel her up. When doing those fun activities together, make a comment on how beautiful or sexy a girl is. If she agrees, try adding a more sexual comment, maybe about her breasts or butt. This could lead to a question about your sexual preferenes or an admission of her own, as in step one, so be prepared. At this step, though, it usually better not to make similar comments about her unless she does about you.

5) Make your move.

Be sure to make your move in a private place, such as one of your homes. Even if she is open to going to bed with you, she may not be to advertising it to the world. Almost any straight girl will accept a hug and probably a kiss. Try it and see how she reacts. If she doesn't push you away, do it again - and then again. If she seems to be enjoying it, make it more sexual: put a hand on her butt or cup her breast.

If at this point, she asks if you are a lesbian, tell her you are and that you know she's straight, but that she is so beautiful or sexy that you couldn't resist (which is true). If she puts up some resistance (but doesn't push you away), try to go back to the hugging and kissing. When she seems to be into it again, try your sexual move again.

6) Take the lead.

Even if all signals seem to be go, you are going to have to take the lead even if you are normally submissive. She may literally not know what to do or be too shy. Focus on trying to make it good for her. If you want her to do something to you, encourage her, but don't demand.

As you can see, seducing a straight girl is not all that different than seducing another lesbian. You just have to go slower and be more subtle. The fact that your crush is "straight" is not as big an obstacle to  getting her into bed as you might think. Chances are that she has fantasized about hooking up with another woman. If you follow the steps above, that woman may well be you.

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Anonymous said...

could include touching her in casual ways so she gets used to your touch. Give her small, thoughtful gifts. Treat on the first outing together.

sarie said...

Hi there svetlanaivano,

Here's the thing. My partner and I had a fight two months ago and we don't have communication since then. But honestly I still love her and I want to get back with her and because of your blog I'm feeling horny right now and I cat stop but think of her and I wanna do it tonight. the problem is she's the type of girl that doesn't want to get back to her ex (we don't have proper closure though). I don't know if she will even open her door for me. If she open the door and let me in, what signal can I send her to let her know that I wanted to have sex with her? How will I star? How will I seduce her?

Hope to hear from you soon... Thanks

Andrew Dock said...

Actually article said most girls may be interested in fantasy sex but that isnt the same as sleeping with her.
Also lesbians fantasy is if men so it shows research isnt always what you think it is.

HungryCub said...

I flat proposition my target, however...she replied "I don't eat pussy" I frozeUp n left. Year later, she appeared b4me with no shirt on... I frozeUp...I still want that cougar...He fine too. I'll give it another opportunity knocks...She's my beautician... perhaps I'll grab her tits with my lips next time she leans over me...

Anonymous said...

This is very creepy, what's with the obsession of trying to "seduce" a straight girl? Can't we respect boundaries and preferences the same we would if a creepy man tried to "seduce" a lesbian? It's wrong, even if you have a crush.