Friday, February 15, 2019

A Weird Trick for Seducing a Straight Girl

Nearly every girl who likes girls has fallen for a girl who doesn't, or says she doesn't. The good news is that the situation is far from hopeless. Several lesbians have had success with a c weird trick. It probably wouldn't work with a girl you just met, but if you;re friends, it may do the trick.

Before revealing the trick, let's see why it works. A recent study found that most straight women are  attracted to other women. In other words, there is almost a better than even chance that your friend is attracted to other girls, at least somewhat.

Secondly, women are the biggest consumers of lesbian porn. Women are much more likely than men to watch lesbian porn. That means that there is a strong possibility that your friend has watched some lesbian porn and even if she hasn't, there is a good chance that she would like it if she did.

By now, you can probably see where this is going. The trick is to invite your friend over. Get on the internet, and eventually click on some lesbian porn and watch it together. If videos seem a bit much at first, just look at photos, such as from the NSFW verson of my blog Women Loving Women. Just ask whether she thinks a particular girl is hot or not.

Obviously, it won't be hard to tell if she likes lesbian porn and is turned on by it. If she does, keep watching and add some "innocent" touching. If you're old enough, a glass or two of wine can lower any remaining inhibitions,, although after watching lesbian porn for awhile, no alcohol may be required even for the shyest girls.

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Anonymous said...

Great Post, Svetlana. Lesbian porn can make lesbian sex more realistic to an amateur. But you have to chose the RIGHT lesbian porn to seduce a bi-curious woman. Overly aggressive or "fake" lesbian porn can actually be a turn off but softer more feminine lesbian porn can definitely be white hot!

Svetlana Ivanova said...

es, that's why I suggested not going straight to videos,but maybe start with pics and gifs.