Monday, September 19, 2016

Lesbian Tribbing: The 6 Best Positions

Tribbing, short for tribadism, is a sex act in which a woman rubs her vulva against another woman's body for sexual stimulation, especially clitoral stimulation. Tribbing, which is also be referred to as grinding or humping,is often used as a warm-up or foreplay, but there's no reason tribbing can't be the main event if you choose it to be. Tribbing can be performed in many position, but these are six of the best:

1) Missionary

The missionary position is the most popular tribbing position. One woman gets on top of the other and between her thighs. This position is ideally suited to create vulva-to-vulva contact, and has the added bonus of allowing deep kissing and full-body contact as well.

2) Crossed Missionary

The crossed missionary is also called the students' position as it's a very natural position often used by young women during their first lesbian sexual encounters. In this position, the two women rest their bodies on each other so that each vulva touches the upper thigh of the other woman, but not the clitoris. Their thighs are intertwined, so their vulvas will not touch each other. Nevertheless, it's rather easy to reach a climax in this position since both can control the power, speed, and strength of rubbing their vulvas on their lover's thigh. Because of this, and the overall closeness which allows for kissing and the breasts to touch, this position can also be very intense.

3) Open Scissors

In the open scissors position, both women open their legs and join their vulvas, using each other's legs as a grip and also for driving the movement. This is definitely the best tribbing position when clitoral stimulation is sought by both simultaneously.

4) Closed Scissors

In the the closed scissors position, one woman kneels between the spread legs of her lover lying on her back. The woman on top controls the speed and pressure of the movements with her hips. The more flexible that both women are (allowing their legs to be spread further apart), the deeper and more intensely they will feel each other.

5) Cowgirl

In the cowgirl tribbing position, one woman lies on her back, and the other woman sits astride her lover's waist, facing her. The woman on top begins to grind on her partner, pushing her hips backwards through the lying woman's spread legs and then pumping forward, rubbing her clitoris on her lover's clitoris with every pass.This position allows for kissing and breast kissing and massaging, but it all depends on the woman on top, who completely controls the speed and strength of every thrust.

6) Reverse Cowgirl-

To get into the reverse cowgirl position, one woman straddle her lover, facing towards her feet and moving against her pelvic region. She can hold on to her lover's thighs for support as she grinds on her. This is sort of like a lazy lap dance.

Of course, these are not the only possible tribbing positions, but these should get you started. Which position is best for you and your lover depends on what kind of sex you're in the mood for, and how you and your partner fit together. You will just have to experiment to see which ones you like and work for you.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Svetlana:

I've been perusing your blog and reading as many of the articles as I can. These articles will be quite useful for the next "pussy party" I will be leading in three weeks. Here is an issue: tribbing can be very difficult, especially for girls that have never had lesbian sex before. It can actually uncomfortable and ruin the mood. I say this because some girls I prepare for a tribbing experience sometimes even develop a cramp in their leg. I can trib with another girl, but it is quite helpful if BOTH girls have a lot of experience. How would you coach two girls who have never had lesbian sex before to have a fulfilling tribbing experience?



Svetlana Ivanova said...

Hi Jamie,
Definitely have them avoid the scissors positions. They can be difficult for some women. Missionary is quite natural, though. the woman on bottom just needs to spread her legs enough for her partner to get between them. Thigh straddling or leg humping are also comfortable as well as doggy style, where one woman rubs against her partner's butt or tailbone.

So Curious said...

I need a trib partner

So Curious said...

I need to try this🤷🏾‍♀️
Would love to try this

Anonymous said...

Where are you located So Curious?

Svetlana Ivanova said...

My profile in the left sidebar will satisfy your curiosity.

AdlaiJN said...

I've had a couple of girlfriends, whose favorite sex positions is tribbing in the missionary position, with me on my back. This is also the case with my new gf. I very much enjoy the position for many reasons, except that oftentimes the pressure of pelvic bone on pelvic bone can hurt. Is there an accomodation we can make to this position to make it totally about pleasure?

Svetlana Ivanova said...

Try wrapping your legs around your gif or raise them to find a position where the pressure on the pelvic bone is alleviated. You might also try putting a pillow under your hips.