Wednesday, September 28, 2016

10 Lesbian Kissing Techniques That Turn Women On

Kissing is an erotic art all by itself, but it is sometimes not taken seriously as such, even though kissing is usually where the sexual activity begins with couples. The way you ss reveals what kind of lover you will be. Passionate, exciting kissing will make your lover want more than just kisses. Just like any erotic art, kissing is a skill that can always be improved upon. These ten kissing techniques are not only sensual, but also exciting.

Crush Kiss

For the crush kiss, just hold your girlfriend tight before you open your mouth. After opening your mouth, kiss her, but don't use your tongue at first to make her want it more. After a few minutes, you will be really feeling each other.

Earlobe Kiss

The earlobe kiss is used to steam up your next kiss. Just move close to your lover's earlobe and nibble her earlobes.. You can also suck or bite a bit. After biting, breathe softly into her earlobe. Your warm breath will make her feel you.

Tongue Sucking Kiss

When he darts her tongue into your mouth during an open-mouth kiss, gently suck on it for a moment before releasing it.

Biting Kiss

This kiss is one that you will end with a playful bite. Usually, it happens after your lover has given you long, sensual kisses which you will end with a soft bite of the lover's lip.

Neck Kiss

This is a kiss that you will have on your lover's neck.This is because the area around the neck has a lot of nerve ednings, it will make your lover tingle with sensation.

Vampire Kiss

This kiss might be considered a combination of the biting kiss and the neck kiss. Lean down towards your girlfriend`s neck and slowly bite the skin there for a moment before letting it go. As the kissing continues, you can bite a bit harder.

Electric Kiss

The trick with the electric kiss is murmuring while touching and/or stroking her neck. Touch her neck with your fingers and lips and make small moans of pleasure. Hearing your moans of pleasure and the vibration that your breath and voice will make on her skin will drive her crazy.

Sexy Breath Kiss

Slowly and gently touch her lips with your lips, and then move really close to her with your head tilted to one side. Wet her lips slowly with your lips and a small touch of your tongue. Then completely wet them with your tongue keeping the move gentle and slow. Then blow some on her lips.

Sweet Pushing Kiss

Touch her lips with your lips closed. Then slowly take your tongue out between your lips without opening your mouth much and dart your tongue between hers with a pushing move. Then take your tongue a tiny bit back and repeat the move.

Synchronized Breath Kiss

This is a Tantric technique that will take your lover's breath away - literally. Meet your girlfriend`s lips with yours and take a deep breath. Keep the move slow so that the breath exchanging between you and your lover will not be too strong and take all the breath from her lungs. You will need her cooperation for this kiss, so explain to her what you want to do first. Slowly, breathe the air in her mouth, and then breathe out and give your breath to her. Then it is her turn to breathe in your breath. If the two of you are well-synchronized, this will be an amazing and intimate experience for both of you.

Although you already know how to kiss, trying different ways to kiss makes the old new and fresh again. So, with all these kissing techniques to choose from, why not explore some of them with your lover? 

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