Friday, January 20, 2017

The 10 Best Lesbian Cuddling Positions

Cuddling is one of the best ways to show affection and increase intimacy with your lover. Cuddling releases a hormone that reduces anxiety and stress, so it increases your mental well-being as well. Cuddling goes way beyond spooning (although spooning made the list, of course), so here are the ten best lesbian cuddling positions to explore.

1) Lap Sitting

The lap sitting position has one of you is sitting down on couch or chair while the other sits on her lap. This is perfect for talking or watching TV.

2) Head on Lap

This cuddling position is great for times when you want to talk because it makes maintaining eye contact easier. One of you sits up, while the other lies down perpendicularly to her with her head resting in her lap. This gives the one sitting up a great opportunity to play with her lover’s hair or stroke her face.

3) Head on Chest

One of you cuddles up next to the other and rests her head on her chest. This position is a naturally intimate and romantic one. Many women feel held with love and very cared for in this cuddling position.

5) Head on Belly

This is a more “sexy” cuddle position. One of you gets between the other’s legs on her knees, and then falls forward, allowing her torso to fall over the other’s body. Her chest will land somewhere around the pelvic area, a very intimate and erotic connection.

5) Sitting Spoon

In the sitting spoon., both women are sitting up with their arms around each other. One has her legs folded and turned toward the other one, fitting right on her lap while the other's legs are positioned beneath her.

6) Spoon

The spoon is the classic cuddling position for a reason: it’s great! To spoon, both women lie on their sides tucked into each other. the woman in back (the big spoon) often drapes her arm over the torso of the one in front (the little spoon). Since your heads are nearly even with each other, it is a good idea to stagger them a bit. The big spoon can rest her head on the shoulder of the little spoon, or prop it up on an arm.

7) Half-Spoon.

Nearly as classic as the full spoon, the half-spoon has one of you lying on her back and the other facing her, lying on their side. The one on her side will likely rest her head on the other’s chest. You can intertwine your legs for an even more intimate feeling.

8) Face to Face

This is one of the most romantic cuddling positions. Both of you lies towards each other face-to-face. You can either lie on your stomachs and turn your heads to the side, or lie on your sides - whichever works best. You can increase the romantic feelings by holding hands in the space between your bodies

9) Layering Up

This position is great for cuddling in tight spaces. You layer your cuddling by having the larger woman lie face up. The smaller woman can then rest face-down directly over the bottom half. To avoid suffocation of the lower stack, the one on top should stagger her body slightly downwards so that she can turn her head to the side and rest it on the bottom half’s chest.

10) Looking Up

In this position lie on your backs next to each other and wrap your legs togetheer. One of you can slip her arm under the neck of the other in a half-embrace, or the two of you can hold hands over your torsos or in the space between your bodies. This cuddling position is great for talking or just relaxing together.

As you can see, cuddling can be done in a variety of positions. As you try each one, notice the differences in the emotional and physical experience: There's a cuddling position for every mood, and now you have ten to choose from.

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