Friday, April 14, 2017

8 Lesbian Foreplay Tips to Drive Your Lover Wild With Desire

Foreplay is an essential ingredient of a satisfying sexual encounter. The build-up of sexual tension is not only part of the fun of lovemaking, but it also gives both of you time to relax and get out of your heads and into your bodies. Here are eight tips to help you get more from foreplay and drive your lover wild with desire.

1) Set the mood.

Show your lover that you care, love, and desire her. Do something fun together and enjoy each other's company. It makes the transition to lovemaking that much more seamless.

2) Communicate

You need to explore your lover's deepest desires and try and fulfill them. Many couples are reluctant to talk about sex, but you're both adults, and you need to do so. Don't rely on accidentally pushing the right buttons. Make sure you talk frankly and openly.

3) Don't forget to kiss.

In a recent poll, 90 percent of women said they would like to kiss more. Kissing is one of the best ways to show love and desire, so make sure you do it well. The basics of kissing are to relax, use variety, follow your lover, use your body, and do it with passion.  (My article 10 Lesbian Kissing Techniques That Turn Women On has some fun kissing tips you can try.)

4) Use massage.

Most women need to be relaxed in order to enjoy sex, so add some erotic massage to foreplay and pay attention to the back, shoulders, and the feet, but just the touching itself helps with relaxation and bonding.

5) Target the neck.

If you want to target one erogenous zone to make your lover moan with passion, it's the neck. Licking, kissing, and nibbling the neck is guaranteed to make any woman melt and feel hot and sexy.

6) Target ALL her erogenous zones.

Everyone targets the obvious erogenous zones, but make sure you target them ALL. Some sensitive, but neglected, erogenous zones include:
  • The ears: An incredible amount of nerve endings are situated .on the ears
  • The backs of the knees: Not really thought of as an erogenous zone, but the backs of the knees actually have numerous nerve endings.
  • The inner thighs: The inner thighs are highly sensitive and a great tease since your lover will wonder where your hands and lips will wander to next.
7) Tease.

Foreplay should be fun and not finish too soon. Practice bringing your lover's desire up and then moving away from the "hot spot". Tease her until she can take no more. This will heighten her anticipation.

8) Try something new.

If you follow the same routine every time,, sex will get boring, so experiment and add some different moves. This may mean introducing sex toys, a different sex act, such as tribbing, or whatever else you can think of. Nothing kills a relationship more than predictability and boredom.

So, there you have eight tips that will increase the pleasure of foreplay more and make sex far more enjoyable for both you and your lover. After sex, take time to tell your lover how much you enjoyed the experience. Kiss, cuddle, and tell her how wonderful it was. Make your lover feel loved.

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