Friday, April 28, 2017

3 Great Sex Techniques to Make Your Lover Orgasm

Are you and your lover in a sexual rut? When it comes to making your lover orgasm, you need to know a variety of sex techniques. It isn’t enough to simply learn one or two different ways to make your lover climax. You need a repertoire of sex techniques that you can use to lead her to sexual bliss. These three are tried and tested way to give women sexual pleasure.

1) Stroking the Chest

When it comes to getting your lover aroused for sex, foreplay is an absolute necessity. Otherwise, more often than not, you will find that she just isn’t “in the mood.” Giving her a sensual massage is always an effective technique because it can get her in the mood fairly quickly.

One sensual massage technique that you can try is the “Stroking the Chest.”To perform the “Stroking the Chest” technique, press the full, flat surface of your hands out from the center of the chest to the edge of where you want to move. Then return to the starting point, all the while keeping your contact pressure steady and even throughout the stroke. (See my article How to Give Your Lover a Sensual Erotic Massage for more about sensual massage.)

2) Suplex Her Oral Sex Position

Performing oral sex on your lover is one of the best ways to bring her to orgasm, and the “Suplex Her” is one of the better oral sex positions. To get into this position, you sit on a sofa, chair, or edge of the bed while she lies on her back with her shoulders or head touching the floor to support her weight. You can use some pillows or cushions to make the position more comfortable. You can then bend over and start licking her vagina. She can hold on to your legs for added support or use the floor to find balance and support her weight. (My article The 5 Best Lesbian Oral Sex Positions has other positions you can try.)

3) Crossed Missionary Tribbing Position

The crossed missionary tribbing position, also known as the students' position, is a very natural position often used by young women during their first lesbian sexual encounters. In this position, you and your lover rest your bodies on each other so that each vulva touches each other's upper thigh. Your thighs are intertwined, so your vulvas will not touch each other in this position. Nevertheless, it's rather easy to reach a climax since both of you can control the power, speed and strength of rubbing your vulvas on each other's thigh. Because of this, and the overall closeness which allows for kissing and the breasts to touch, this position can also be very intense. (For other tribbing positions, see my article Lesbian Tribbing: The 6 Best Positions.)

You can experiment with these three sex techniques one at a time, or use them all during single lovemaking session. When you use them, be sure to take your time so that your lover has time to get aroused by them. Sex isn’t a race, after all.

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