Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The 5 Best Lesbian Oral Sex Positions

Even something as fun and exciting as oral sex can get boring if it becomes routine. One way that you can really spice things up is by using different oral sex positions. In fact, when you go down on your lover in a variety of positions, the same techniques can actually feel totally different. These five oral sex positions will help keep things hot in the bedroom for you and your lover.
Legs Up

In the Legs Up position, your lover lies on her back, and you place your head between her legs. This position is excellent for access to the vulva. Your lover can place her feet flat on the bed next to your shoulders with her knees at an angle, or she can place her feet on your shoulders for greater access to her vulva. The Legs Up position is probably the most common oral sex position, but it's definitely not the only one..

Legs Down

This is another popular position and is not that different from the Legs Up position. The difference is that the legs are never u, but always touching the bed. Spreading the legs as wide open as possible creates more space to access the vulva and use various oral sex techniques, but having the legs partially or all the way closed may help create more friction and be more pleasurable for her.

All Fours

In this position, your lover will place herself on the floor or a bed on all fours, with her hips tilted slightly towards the ceiling. You position your face within licking and sucking distance of her vulva. The most traditional position is underneath her with your head just far enough up under her body to reach her vulva. Licking and sucking her vulva from behind is also a popular position..


For the Facesitting position, lie down on the bed face up. Your lover will “sit” on your face by placing a knee on either side of your head with her vulva just above your mouth, giving you only enough room to breathe and lick and suck her vulva. You can also have your lover face away from you (facing your feet).


This may be the most comfortable oral sex s position for those who get stiff necks with some of the other positions. It's also known as the 69 position if used for simultaneous oral sex. To get into the position,  invert your body so that your feet are on the same end of the bed as your lover's head, and her feet are on the same end of the bed as your head. You can choose whether to simultaneously pleasure each other orally or not by just moving your pelvis directly in front of her face or by moving it off to the side.

Try all of these positions to give oral sex to your lover. Don't forget, however, that even though changing the position does give you some variety, the different techniques you use can really make the difference, too. My articles First-Time Lesbian Oral Sex and The Kivin Method: Guaranteed Orgasm for Women may give you some ideas for changing up your techniques.

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