Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How Women Can Experience More Sexual Pleasure and Orgasms

Many women are not experiencing the sexual pleasure and orgasms that they could and should be enjoying. It’s not completely the fault of their lovers, either. That’s not to let lovers off the hook completely. However, before lover can bring us to orgasm, we need to be ready and willing.

1) Be confident about your body.

If you are not confident undressing in front of your lover, you may not be confident enough to communicate to her about how to bring you to that peak of sexual pleasure. Confidence plays a big role in sexual satisfaction because it allows you to relax and open up to your lover. If your body isn’t perfect, join the club. Whatever flaws you think you have, you are far more aware of them than your lover is. Be confident about your body.

2) Know where and how to stimulate.

If you are a woman trying to achieve orgasm, you may need to practice and learn on your own before you can teach your lover. Keep in mind that women can reach orgasm in different ways. Clitoral stimulation is the most common, but some women also need penetration to reach climax. Of course, the better you know yourself and what brings you the most pleasure, the easier you can help yourself to achieve orgasm.

3) Communication during sex.

Another important way to help achieve sexual pleasure and orgasm is to communicate with your lover. Don't expect her to be a mind readers. Don’t turn sex into a “test.” Expecting your lover to just know where and how you like to be touched is unfair to her and likely to be frustrating to you if she “fails.” Communicate during sex so that your lover can give you the sexual pleasure and orgasms you desire.

Not experiencing the sexual pleasure and orgasms you can and should be enjoying is frustrating, but to change that, women need to start with themselves. Being confident about your body, knowing where and how to stimulate, and communicating during sex are three ways for women to have more sexual pleasure and orgasms. You’re the most important person in determining how good your sex life will be.

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