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10 Lesbian Sex Questions Bi-Curious Women Often Ask

Studies indicate that a majority of women have experienced sexual attraction to other women at some point. Although teenage girls are famous for experimenting, women tend to become more sexually attracted to other women as they age. For various reasons, may of these women never act on their desires, but they may still wonder about what sex with another woman is like. These are ten lesbian sex questions that bi-curious women often ask.

1) How do lesbians have sex?

Two women can perform any sex act that a man and woman can, although they need a strap-on dildo to perform vaginal and anal penetration and fellatio. The woman wearing the strap-on doesn't experience the same sensations as a man with a penis would, of course. However, for the receiver, the sensations are close enough that a woman who enjoys penetrations doesn't have to miss out of that pleasure just because she is in a lesbian relationship. Fellatio is only worth doing, though, to act out a gender-role fantasy.

Otherwise, lesbians can engage in the same sex practices that male-female couples do, such as breast play, fingering, cunnilingus, and anal play. Plus, two women can perform a sex act that men and women can't - tribbing - although you could consider dry humping or grindling the heterosexual equivalent.

2) Is lesbian sex better?

The answer to that is a definite maybe. Seriously, though, it depends. For a woman ho is strictly lesbian, sex with another woman will always be better than sex with a man would be. For bi-curious and bisexual women, women do tend to know what not to do. For example, women aree less likely to be too rough or to make a grab for the crotch after a couple of kisses. Also, they may already know what they like to have done to them, so they can try those moves out on a female lover. Being female doesn't automatically make a woman a lesbian sex expert, however. That only comes with knowledge and experience.

Aside from sex acts, women are soft an smell nice. They also tend to be better kissers, make more noise in bed, and like to cuddle. If those things appeal to you, lesbian sex might be better, or at least enjoyable in a different way.

3) What is scissoring?

Scissoring is a tribbing position, Tribbing is genital-to-genital contact between two women.. It is also known as grinding. The most common position is missionary, in which one woman lies on top of the other. In the scissoring position, both women open their legs and rub their vulvas together. Many lesbians do not use the scissors position because it is not comfortable for everybody, but almost all lesbians engage in tribbing one way or another.

4) Is one woman the "man" and the other the "woman" in lesbian sex?

Are men always the sexually aggressive or domiant partner, and the woman always the passive or submissive partner in male-female sexual relationships? For some couples, the answer is "yes," for others, "no," and for others, it depends. The same is true of lesbian relationships. It can also depend on your perspective. Is the giver or the receiver of oral sex, the dominant partner? In other words, lesbian sex is too complicated to assign definite gender roles to each woman.

5) How does the lack of lan actual physical connection, i.e., a penis inside a vagina, affect the emotional connection?

Fingers and tongues can be put inside a vagina. It's true that they are not as large as the average penis, but they still can enter a woman and make a physical connection with her.

Actually, the emotional connection between female lovers is often more intense than is typical between male and female lovers. Typically, women are more emotional to begin with, and sexual intimacy and pleasure tend to bring emotions bubbling to the surface.

6) How is using a dildo with a female lover different than having sex with a man?

It's different because a dildo is not attached to a man. Sexual orientation is not determined by what you do in bed, but by which gender you prefer to do it with. Most women enjoy penetration since they're female, but if they are attracted to women, having sex with a man wouldn't be pleasurable to them. It's not only the sex act itself that gives pleasure, but also the attraction to the person performing it.

7) Why do some lesbians have sex with women who look like men?

For much the same reason that using a dildo with a female lover is different than having sex with a man: Although a woman may "look like a man," when it comes down to it, she isn't. Her lover may be attracted to traits that many people consider to be "masculine", but she is attracted to them in a woman, not in a man. If a man looked and acted identically, it wouldn't be the same for her.

8) Do lesbians want to have sex with every attractive woman they meet?

Do straight women want to have sex with every attractive man they meet? Unfortunately for the men who complain that they can't get laid, the answer is "no." Lesbians have preferences, standards, and types just like everybody else. They may sometimes get crushes on women who are not attracted to them, but unrequited love is a fact of life.

9) Do lesbians have one-night stands?

Although, the stereotype is that lesbians show up for a second date with a U-Haul, "Lick 'em and leave 'em" is also a thing among lesbians. Sometimes lesbians just want to get laid. Lesbian bars might have to close their doors if that weren't true. Satisfying your bi-curiosity doesn't automatically mean that you now have a girlfriend.

10) Is there any way to tell for sure that a woman is lesbian?

The way a woman walks, talks, dresses, or the fact that she has short fingernails are, at best, clues, not clinchers, about her sexual orientation. The best way to find out for sure is to ask. Probably the least awkward way is to ask her if she has a boyfriend. That's noncommittal on your part, but gives her an opening to reveal her sexual preferences if she wants to.

Obviously, given the differences among bisexual and lesbian women, there are probably some exceptions to these answers, Also, these are just ten of the most common questions that bi-curious women often have about lesbian sex. If you something to add or have another question, put it in the comments.

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