Monday, October 3, 2016

Lesbian Oral Sex: 5 Hot Ways to Lick Your Lover

Most women definitely enjoy receiving oral sex from their lovers, so much so that oral sex or cunnilingus is an essential part of the sex lives of many lesbian couples. Going down on your lover is more than just licking up and down the clitoris, though.With these five oral sex techniques you will hit all of her hot spots.

Genital Licking and Kissing

When you give your lover oral sex, a good way to create an erotic crescendo of arousal is to lick and kiss her abdomen, lower stomach, and insides of her thighs, slowly working towards her vulva. Move on from this to licking and kissing her pubic mound, the outer lips of her vulva, and then her clitoris.

Labia Holding

Labia Holding is a simple technique in which you hold the two parts of your lover's labia (vaginal lips) together with your lips, while running your tongue between the inner and outer labia, one side at a time.

Tongue Stroking

After warming up your partner by licking and kissing her pubic mound, the outer lips of her vagina, and her clitoris, you can increase her arousal by also moving your tongue in and out of her vagina. Begin by usng just the tip of your tongue, then the blade, alternating between shallow strokes with the tip and deep strokes with the blade. Vary your strokes to give her a constantly changing range otf sensations.

Clitoral Flicking

Spread your lover's outer vaginal lips with your fingers. Then, with your tongue pointed, gently flick your tongue around her clitoris. You can also stimulate other areas of her vulva, but keep coming back to her clitoris. This drives some women crazy with desire, although others find it too intense. When flicking her clitoris be sure to start out gently until you can see that she likes it.

Clitoral Sucking

Expose your lover's clitoris by spreading her vaginal lips and then exposing the hood. Take her clitoris into your mouth gently and suck on it. Let it go and then repeat for as long as your lover wants you to.

Although these techniques generally go from less to more intense, they are not necessarily meant to be done step-by-step. When trying a new oral sex move, it's never a bad idea to start slowly. If you can't tell from your lover's reaction whether she likes it, just ask her. 

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