My Lesbian Sex Book

Despite lesbians definitely being out of the closet, there are still not a lot of sex tip and sex advice for lesbians available. Apparently, women are supposed to automatically know how to make love to another woman, but that is just not the case. It's true that a woman should be able to avoid some of the mistakes that men make. (You do know where the clitoris is and why it's important.) You may have some tricks you've picked up from masturbation or previous lovers. That's not enough, however, to satisfy your lover in bed night after night.

Lesbian Sex Secrets: How to Have Amazing Sex With Another Woman aims to help bi-curious, bisexual, and lesbian women take their sexx lives to another level. It goes into just about every aspect of exploring another woman's body, turning her on, and satisfying her sexual desires.The knowledge in this book will turn you into a sexy, exciting lesbian lover This year I decided to revise and expand the book to include additional material to help women enhance their love lives even more...

Here are just a FEW of the things you will learn:
  • What percentage of women are sexually attracted to other women? (You might be surprised.)
  • What is lesbian relationship really like? 
  • 10 lesbian flirting tips
  • How to let a girl know that you like girls
  • A weird trick for seducing a straight girl
  • 10 sexy and romantic types of kisses every lesbian should know
  • Two sex acts only lesbians can perform
  • How to give your lover a nipple orgasm
  • A beginner's guide to fingering another woman
  • How to make your lover squirt
  • What is going down on another woman really like?
  • The oral sex technique that guarantees orgasm
  • Tribbing 0 hat it is and how to do it 
  • 5 ways to make your orgasms stronger
  • 5 techniques for achieving multiple orgasms 
  • The 10 best cuddling positions
  • How to use a strap-on
.… And MUCH more!

With this short but very detailed guide, you are going to be able to please your lover tonight (and every other night) and skyrocket your lovemaking skills. You and your partner are going to start to have a better sex life immediately after you read this book!

Lesbian Sex Secrets: How to Have Amazing Sex With Another Woman is published by Lulu and is available for immediate download in ePub format, which most e-readers use. If you don’t have n e-reader, you can download and install the free Adobe Digital Editions reader to read it on your computer.

Maybe best of all, Lesbian Sex Secrets is available at a price anyone can afford – $4.99. Even if you only learn a few new tips and tricks you didn’t already know, it’s worth that much. To give your lover the best sex she’s ever had, starting tonight, click here!