Friday, October 21, 2016

The Deep Spot Orgasm Technique

A lot has been written about the G-spot, which is an area within a woman’s vagina that, when stimulated, can bring intense pleasure. There is another pleasure area within the vagina that is less well-known called the deep spot. The deep spot is deeper in the vagina than the G-spot and unlike the G-spot, is smooth. According to Gray’s Anatomy, this area is called the cavity of the cervix and is situated about three and a quarter inches (eight centimeters) deep.

This area of a woman’s body is located almost all the way back in the deepest part of the vagina just before the cervix, and has two distinct areas, the front and the back. The front is located along the front wall of the vagina. The back is located along the rear wall slightly deeper because this part of the vagina is tilted. Direct stimulation to the deep spot can cause very intense orgasms and to some women by stimulating the back of the of this sensitive area can feel as if she’s having anal sex.

To locate the deep spot, have your lover lie on her back and spread her legs with her knees bent. Put a lot of lubricant on your fingers and be careful not to damage the inside of her vagina with your fingernails. When locating the deep spot, use your middle finger and insert it 3.5 to 4.5 inches inside along the front wall. You are going to go past the spongy area and feel for a smooth area just before the cervix. You might feel a rim, sort of like the rim of a Frisbee. The cervix will feel like a button or the tip of a nose. If you feel this, then you know you’ve gone too far, so pull back a bit. Avoid touching the cervix because most women do not like this.

To stimulate the deep spot, curl your fingertip into the “come hither’ position and press firmly against the upper wall of the vagina. Start massaging her deep spot firmly as if you were making the “come hither” motion. Be careful that your hand is moist enough with the lubricant and that the massage is really firm. Vary it up by using both long and short strokes. You can even use two fingers if you like.

You can also approach the deep spot by sliding your middle finger into the vagina, with your palm facing downward. Slide your finger on the frontal wall of the vagina, past the rough part of the interior to the smooth part. Go as deeply as possible, but be careful not to be too forceful with your knuckles. Do the “come hither” notion with your fingertip again and push towards the lowest vertebrae of the spine. This will make her feel like she’s having anal penetration, which really arouses some women, and many will experience a very powerful orgasm.

If your fingers are too short to reach your lover’s deep spot, a G-spot vibrator can be used instead. The shape is right because both the G-spot and the deep spot are stimulated with the “come hither”motion. Although the G-spot is located only 1-3 inches inside the vagina, almost every G-spot vibrator or stimulator is longer than that. The downside of using a sex toy is that you can’t feel for the right spot directly.

The deep spot orgasm is often the first time many woman have a true “internal” orgasm. As you massage the back of the deep spot, you are simulating the “ballooning” that occurs in this area at the time of her orgasm. When you massage any area of the deep spot, you are simulating the muscle contractions that occur at the time of her orgasm to dilate the cervix. A woman can’t help but orgasm!

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