Friday, April 21, 2017

How to Give Your Lover a Sensual Erotic Massage

Everyone loves getting a massage. It relaxes the body, stimulates circulation, and feels great. The only thing that tops a massage is a sensual erotic massage. It's a great way for you and your lover to have a sexy time together and make her feel good. You don't need to be a massage therapist, either, to give a sexual erotic massage. Just follow the steps below.

How To Give a Sensual Erotic Massage

Make sure you have some warm massage oil, such as almond, coconut, or jojoba, and that the room is warm. You probably don't have a massage table, so find a place that is comfortable for both receiving and giving the massage. It is also nice to have candles and some relaxing music to set up a special space.

Have your lover undress and lie on her front. Make sure that you have plenty of oil on your hands and on her body before beginning the massage. Focus on her upper back, lower back, butt, and the backs of her legs for the first fifteen minutes. Start at the top of the shoulders and arms and move downwards. You should start with short, circular hand strokes that turn into long, gliding strokes, and then back to short, circular strokes again. Generally, slow strokes feel much more erotic. Spend a few minutes on each area.

Next, ask your loveer to turn over slowly with her eyes closed, When she has done that, begin massaging her breasts, stomach, arms and front of her legs. Spend a lot of time massaging her breasts as these are the positive pole of a woman's sexuality.  for (See my article How to Give Your Lover a Sensual Breast Massage for more specifics.) Spend a few minutes on each of the body parts. If you want, you can massage her feet, too.

With her body thoroughly massaged and completely relaxed, you can then massage her vagina.. An erotic massage does not have to have a "happy ending," but the expression was invented for a reason. My article How to Give Your Lover a Vaginal Massage gives some suggestions for this type of massage.

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