Friday, May 5, 2017

10 Lesbian Sex Positions You and Your Lover Need to Try

If you're bored with your “normal” sexual routine, but not sure of what you can do to spice it up, a change of position may be in order. Some may believe that lesbian sex can really occur in a few positions, but those people in particular could benefit from this list. The truth is, there are hundreds of possible positions to get into with your lover, and if you’re not using many of them, it’s no wonder you’re bored. Take a look at the ten lesbian sex positions that should be added to your repertoire immediately!

1) Above Below

In order to get into this position, your lover will need to lie on her stomach on the bed, while you lie on top of her. You will then rub yourself against her while also stimulating her with your fingers. Your lover can also rub herself against the bed or a properly positioned pillow to add to the excitement. If done correctly, bothof you should be able to climax this way.

2) Breasts Touching

To get into this fingering position, lean towards your lover as if getting into missionary position until both your breasts are touching. Reach out your hand to rub her clitoris while simultaneously pressing your breasts against hers.

3) Closed Scissors

To get into this tribbing position, kneel between the spread legs of your lover lying on her back. You will control the speed and pressure of the movements with your hips. The more flexible that both of you are (allowing your legs to be spread further apart), the deeper and more intensely you will feel each other.

4) Inverted

The Inverted oral sex position may be the most comfortable position for those who get stiff necks with other positions. To get into the position, invert your body so that your feet are on the same end of the bed as your lover's head, and her feet are on the same end of the bed as your head. You can choose whether to mutually pleasure each other orally or not by just moving your pelvis directly in front of her face or by moving it off to the side.

5) Pandora’s Box

For Pandora’s Box, your lover will need to be seated in a chair, with her legs stretched out in front of her. You will need to be sitting, kneeling, or crouching between her outstretched legs. Oral sex is easy to give in this position, although you could finger her instead. Once climax approaches, your lover will want to arch her back and possibly stretch her legs a little more, so make sure she has a good hold on you if your chair doesn’t have a back on it.

6) Pleasure Perch

For this position, your lover will be standing. You will be kneeling in front of her, and she will drape her leg over your shoulder in order to receive some oral attention. Your lover may need to have something to lean against so she doesn’t fall backward. This is a great position because you will have a full view of all of your lover's body, and will be able to lick and tease her to insanity.

7) The Ripple

For this position, your lover will need to get on her hands and knees. You will be on your hands and knees behind her, so that you may give her some oral pleasure. Of course, you can use your fingers as well. The sensation of a tongue or hand caressing her from behind is sure to be a delight.

8) The See Saw

To get into the See Saw, your lover should be lying on her back with her legs bent as if you were going to go down on her. However, instead, you should sit between her legs and drape your own over the top of them. Picture making an “M” with the two sets of legs. Once you’re in position, the rest is up to you. Do whatever you desire.

9) Sublime Caress

Both of you will be standing for this position, facing each other, with something nearby for your lover to rest her foot on (preferably forming a 90 degree angle, but it’s up to you – whatever you are comfortable with, as long as it is elevated to allow for a proper view). There’s something especially erotic about standing up for sex. Once you’re both in position, rubbing or fingering are both available.

10) The Works

Your lover will be standing for this position, too, but you will be either sitting or kneeling just behind her. If you like anal play, this is a perfect opportunity for that, but it’s definitely not limited to that! You can reach under your lover and provide any type of sexual stimulation she desires.

If any of these sex positions is new to you, don’t hesitate to try them out with your lover. They’re sure to tantalize, and with a little practice could easily become some your go-to positions.

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