Friday, May 19, 2017

5 Ways to Make Lesbian Sex Even Sexier

Lesbian sex is plenty sexy to begin with, but that doesn't mean that a little tweaking can't make it better. If you want to turn up the heat in the bedroom, these five ways to make lesbian sex even sexier are sure to spice things up between you and your lover.

1) The eyes have it.

Eye contact can play an exciting role in lesbian sex. If you’re facing each other during sex, maintaining eye contact as much as possible will go a long way to heightening the experience. You don’t need to stare at each other constantly, but making that connection can both increase the feeling of intimacy between you and your lover and heighten your sensations.

2) Grab hold of her hips.

Instead of holding your lover by her shoulders or arms when you are on top of her, move your hands down and grab hold of her hips The balance will change, and you’ll discover that you both feel more sensation since you are able to push closer to her.

3) Use some restraint.

Any type of restraint will spice things up, especially if you restrain your lover's wrists above her head. This allows you to get close enough to kiss her face and neck as she squirms against you. Be sure you both feel comfortable with using restraints before you start holding each other down.

4( Stand up to each other.

Standing up is always a sexy position for lovemaking. It’s perfect for eye contact, full access to all of the upper body for kissing, and for pushing your lover against walls or lifting her onto counter tops in the kitchen, for example. You’ll find it difficult to go slowly in this position, and it's likely to end up becoming fast and furious. Being in a standing position means that you will be stimulated in a different way and are may well reach a very quick orgasm!

5) Do it from behind.

Oral sex from behind can be an exciting change-of-pace. Again, with your lover being on all fours, or  "face down, ass up" with her legs open, access to her clitoris is slightly different, so your tongue will be able to stimulate it in a different way. An advantage of this position is that your lover can't see what you're doing, so she can focus solely on the sexy sensations you are giving her!

None of these techniques require big changes in what you and your lover do in bed. They're at most slight variations in what you are probably already doing, but they're small changes that can make a big difference. Give them a try and see if your sex life doesn't become a sexier life.

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