Friday, May 26, 2017

A Beginner's Guide to Lesbian Tribbing

Tribadism (tribbing) is usually defined either as two women rubbing their vulvas together for sexual stimulation, or alternatively as one woman rubbing her vulva against another woman's thigh, stomach, buttocks, arm, or other body part (except the mouth). A study from 2003 that surveyed more than 1,200 bisexual and lesbian women found that only 50 percent of them had participated in genital-to-genital touching; however, if they had included the second part of the definition, the percentage would probably have been much higher.

Tribbing is often referred to as "scissoring," but scissoring is just one tribbing position. There are numerous other ways to mutual vulva rub. Tribbing really allows you to change positions and try out different forms of control and stimulation until you find the sweet spot for both of you.

To get into the scissors position, both of you should open your legs and press your vulvas together, using each other's legs as a grip and also for driving your movements. Scissoring is the best tribbing position for simultaneous clitoral stimulation, but it doesn't work for all couples.

One good way to trib is to have your lover lie down on her back and tilt her pelvis up while you straddle her and grind against her vulva. This position is called missionary tribbing, and it provides the most face-to-face intimacy and full-body contact.

Another way to trib is by straddling your lover's thigh and sliding one leg between hers, and then placing your clitoral region on top of your lover's. It takes some maneuvering and it helps to be flexible, but once you have that down, you can both move together in a rhythm that works for you.

You can also completely straddle your lover and hold each other close, which can be done lying down or sitting up. When you are sitting up, one of you has to use her upper body strength to initiate the action, like by holding on to your partner's ass or hips until you both find the same spot where you're both touching each other's clitoral regions.

The spoon position is a popular for cuddling, but it can also be used for tribbing. With both of you restmg on your sides, the one in back touches the back of the other with her pelvic area and rubs against her.
You can take tribbing to another level by adding a sex toy to intensify the sensations even more. You can take a large vibrator and place it between both of your clitorises while you're in a missionary-type position, so you're both not only rubbing against each other but also against the vibration.

You can use lube on your vulva to experiment with sensation, but you actually might prefer to not use lube. Some women prefer the friction of a lube-free tribbing experience while others want to trib a little more smoothly by adding lube. Your best bet is to keep some lube by your bedside - just in case.

Tribbing may feel more intimate than other sex acts you've done before. It requires trust and a certain comfort level because tribbing exposes your whole body to your lover. If you are not comfortable with your body in front of her, this can make it hard to relax and enjoy yourself. It's probably better to save tribbing for a woman you have had sex with before and are comfortable with.

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