Friday, January 27, 2017

Lesbian Tribbing: 4 Fun Positions to Try

Tribadism, aka tribbing, comes from a Greek word meaning “rubbing bodies together.” This is something that lovers naturally do, but tribbing emphasizes genital contact. The most popular tribbing position is undoubtedly missionary: one of you lies on your back, the other lies on top of her, and the fun begins. Using different positions provides new sensations, though, so give these four positions a try. They are fun and pleasurable, and one of them may become a new favorite!

1) Crossed Missionary

In the Crossed Missionary position, you and your lover rest your bodies on each other so that your vulvas touch each other's upper thigh. Although your thighs are intertwined so that your vulvas do not touch each other, it's still possible to reach an orgasm in this position since both of you can rub your vulvas on each other's thigh.

2) Cowgirl

In the Cowgirl position, one of you lies on her back while he other straddles her waist, facing her. The one on top begins grinding down on the other, pushing her butt backwards through the lying one's spread legs and then pumping forward, rubbing her clitoris on the clitoris beneath her with every pump.

3) Reverse Cowgirl-

To get into the Reverse Cowgirl position, one of you lies on your back while the other one straddles her, facing towards her feet and moving against her pelvic region. The one on top can hold on to the other's thighs for support as she grinds against her.

4) Buttocking

Buttocking is sort of the Cowgirl position flipped over. One of you lies face down on the bed, with the other straddling her, rubbing her vulva against her. The one on top can spread the other's butt cheeks for more intense contact, and slide both up and down and side to side.

As you can see, "rubbing bodies together" never has to get boring. Tribbing can be done many different ways. Besides these positions, my articles Lesbian Tribbing: The 6 Best Positions and Tribbing From Behind: The 4 Best Positions have even more ideas for tribbing the night away.

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