Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bi-Curious? What Is Sex With Another Woman Really Like?

Studies show that a majority of women are sexually attracted to to other women to some degree, and tend to become more so the older they get. If you are one of these women, you may be curious about what sex with another woman is really like. It's impossible to say exactly what your experience will be like, of course, but these are some things you might expect.

What is sex with another woman really like?
  • Women are soft and smell nice.
  • Women typically are better kissers. Women kiss more softly and are more responsive to physical cues.
  • Sex between two women is usually more of a leisurely stroll through the park than a race to the finish line.
  • Many women are self-conscious about their bodies or certain body parts and therefore, in no hurry to get naked.
  • Women tend to make more noise during sex. Women not only talk more, but also moan and scream when they experience sexual pleasure.
  • Teasing women can be harder, though. You can’t just make a grab for her crotch.. You must go through a whole routine of little touches everywhere else first.
  • Along with that, many women won't take the initiative in bed. If you want to go further, you may have to be the one to push things along.
  • Penetration is not a given. Neither is oral sex or anything else really. You will just have to feel each other out, so to speak, to discover what you each like to do and have done to you.
  • With women you can expect to spend more time cuddling
  • It's even easier to fall in love with a female lover. The connection between you can be intense when you’re both speaking the same emotional language.
The one thing you can be sure of is that sex with another woman will be different. You may find it sexier, or you may not. You may find it more intimate, or you may not. You may want to do it again, or you may not. Regardless, your bi-curiosity will at least be satisfied.

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