Friday, February 24, 2017

5 Ways to Make Your Lover Better at Going Down on You

Almost all women love receiving oral sex, but not every woman is good at giving it. Just being a woman doesn't make you an expert at going down on another woman. If your lover is a bit below par in the oral department, here are five ways to make your lover better at going down on you. Remember that she is down there because she wants to please you, so help her to help you feel good.

1) Grab a pillow.

Grab a pillow and place it under your butt to prop your vagina up to her mouth. And if you like her fingers inside you while she’s down there, this will give her better access to your G-spot.

2) Use fingers.

Speaking of fingers, adding fingers to the equation helps gets the job done. If you want her to stimulate your G-spot, make sure she does the “come hither” motion with her fingers.

3) Add sex toys.

Just like fingers, sex toys can be a great help when receiving oral sex. You can place a toy on your clitoris or mound while your lover is licking below it.

4) Free her hands.

While she’s down there, let her hands roam your body, or better yet, guide them to where you want them to go. Whether it’s grabbing your butt, stroking your breasts, or stimulating your nipples, let her do it all.

5) Move your body.

Just because you’re on your back doesn’t mean you should just lie there. While she’s going down on you, move your body. Grab her head as you roll, grind, or hump her mouth. With that control, you can also guide her to the right places. This will make both of you hotter and wanting more.

The main takeaway is that you're at least partly responsible for your own pleasure. Don't put it all on your lover and then be disappointed if she doesn't satisfy you. Let her know what you like (and don't like) so that both of you can have enjoy oral sex the way it should be enjoyed.

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