Friday, August 4, 2017

5 Sex Positions for Lesbian Couples Who Want To Spice Things Up

The truth is that when you’ve been with someone for a few years, exciting sex can easily fall by the wayside. After awhile, you’re doing the same old thing once or twice a week as if to fulfill some sort of sexual quota, rather than to enjoy moments of passion with your lover. An easy way to combat sexual boredom is to try new sex positions. These five positions are great for lesbian couples who want to spice things up in the bedroom.

1) Big Spoon, Little Spoon

This position is sure to satisfy regardless of which spoon position you take. Big Spoon can reach around the Little Spoon to finger her. It's also a good position if you're using sex toys. Little Spoon can reach behind to Big Spoon and her with anal play, which is another perk of being in a long-term relationship.

2) Kneeling, With Sex Toys

In this position, your lover gets on all fours, and you do the same behind her. From this angle, she has less control over what you're doing, since she can't see you, so you can do things like pull her hair, pinch her nipples, or grind on her from behind. Sex toys are a fun and easy way to keep things spicy, especially since there are so many of them available nowadays.

3) The Lift

When you've been with the same lover for a long time, you reach a certain level of trust and lack of inhibitions with one another that allows you to take a position like this to the next level. Put a pillow or two beneath your lover's hips and kneel down between her legs. This puts you in the perfect position for her legs to go over your shoulders, and for you to grab her thighs. If and when she squirms, you can control how far away you let her get, and how much of a break you give her.

4) Sit on Top

This position can be extremely intimate. Sitting on your lover's chest, being in control of what angle provides the most clitoral stimulation for you, and the feeling of your lover's fingers grabbing onto your thighs? It doesn't get much better than that. It's great no matter which position you take.

5) Side 69

Lying on your sides and facing one another requires less acrobatics, but provides a lot of pleasure. It allows easier access for both of you, and it's easier to incorporate fingering into the mix when you're at a side angle. It's less pressure, and more comfortable for both. It enables you to focus on the act, rather than where your limbs are, or how balanced you are on top. The less difficult the position, the more likely that you and your lover are to both enjoy it.

Long-term couples enjoy the advantage of familiarity, trust, and a strong base of knowledge about their lovers. For some couple this can lead to a sexual-rut - the so-called "lesbian bed death." However, when you take that same familiarity, trust, and knowledge and use it to your advantage, you can actually reach new heights of pleasure and intimacy. When you know what your lover likes, you can try every position in the book to try and please her, and vice versa. (My article 5 Ways to Keep Lesbian Sex Exciting has even more ideas about how to keep your sex life hot!)

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