Friday, August 18, 2017

Lesbian Tribbing: the 3 Best Positions for Mutual Orgasm

Tribadism or tribbing is a sexual practice in which a woman rubs her vulva against her female lover's body for sexual stimulation. Tribbing may involve one woman rubbing her vulva against her lover's thigh, butt, or other body part or direct vulva-to-vulva contact. There numerous tribbing positions, but not all allow for mutual orgasm. Mutual orgasm should not be confused with simultaneous orgasm. Mutual orgasm in this case means that both women can receive sufficient sexual stimulation to have an orgasm in that position without switching places.

These three tribbing positions are the best in which to have a mutual orgasm.

1) Student's Position

The student's position (also known as crossed missionary) is often used by young women during their first lesbian encounters. In this position, one woman lies on her back while the other lies on top of her and straddles the lower woman’s thigh. Each woman can then rub against the other’s thigh. Although this position lacks the sensuousness of vulva-to vulva contact, it's rather easy to reach a climax since both women can control the pressure and speed of rubbing their vulvas on their lover's thigh. It's sort of a mutual humping position.

2) Missionary

The missionary position is the most popular tribbing position because it's a very natural thing for two women to do in bed together. One woman gets on top of the other, between her thighs, and begins to rub and grind. This position is allows excellent vulva-to-vulva contact. That along with the full-body contact it allows, make missionary posiiton potentially quite orgasmic.

3) Closed Scissors

In the the closed scissors position, one woman lies on her back and her lover kneels between the open thighs.. The woman on top controls the pressure and speed of the movements with her hips. The more flexible that both women are, which allows their legs to be spread further apart, the more intensely they will feel each other.

During tribbing, if it doesn’t feel right, move around and find a position that is right for you. If you enjoy tribbing but find it difficult to achieve orgasm, placing a vibrator between both partners can increase stimulation. Also, you might want to use lube to lessen the friction and increase the sensation during your tribbing session.

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