Friday, June 8, 2018

3 Hot Lesbian Breast Stimulation Techniques

One of the great things about lesbian sex is breasts. They're great to look at and fun to play with. Breast play can also be a great turn-on for your lover, but a quick squeeze and a lick won't do the trick. It may feel good, but she needs more to aroused. Try these three breast stimulation techniques to send your lover into erotic bliss.

 1) Gentle Brushing

When you first have removed your lover's bra and have her breasts out in the open in front of you; begin by gently brushing your fingertips over her bare breasts and nipples. Allow the sensation of skin-to-skin contact send erotic thrills down through her entire body. Of course, while you might start at her breasts with this technique, don't stop there. Let your hands move past her breasts down to her stomach and thighs and then back up to her chest again.

2) Dripping Tongue Bath

Your tongue has the power to give your lover mind blowing orgasms both above and below the waist. When it comes to stimulating her breasts with your tongue, you can not only use your tongue to lightly lick her nipples and around the areola, but also bathe her entire breast with your warm, wet tongue.

3) Hands and Mouth Combo

When it comes to arousing your lover, realize the power of stimulating her with your hands and mouth at the same time. In other words, when you are stimulating her breasts, perhaps you start off by fondling them with your hands and then move on to using you mouth for a while and then back again. Notice if one nipple is more sensitive and then stimulate that one with your hand as you begin to nibble and nip on her less sensitive nipple allowing her to feel a mixture of pleasure and pain she may have never experienced before.

The key to making breast play highly arousing for your lover is finding a move that seems to work and sticking with it for awhile. Many women express the desire to have their breasts focused on more during sex. Unless your lover's breasts are particularly sensitive, don't be afraid to pay them a lot of attention. 

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