Friday, September 29, 2017

Two Sex Acts Only Lesbians Can Perform

Sexual orientation is not determined so much by what you do but by who you do it with. Both opposite and same sex couples can perform manual and oral sex. Lesbians can even have sexual intercourse with the aid of a strap-on dildo. However, for lesbians who want to do something exclusively lesbian with their lovers, here are two sex acts that only two women can do with each other.

Breast 69

Only two women can engage in breast play with each other simultaneously. You can, of course, face each other and use your hands to cup and caress each other, or you can perform Breast 69. Your lover should lie down on her back  with you kneeling above her head. If you lean over to lick and suck her breasts, your breast should be within range of her mouth as well.


Although tribbing can mean one woman rubbing her vulva against any body part of her lover, that doesn't require another woman. Tribbing with vula-to-vulva contact does though.  There are numerous tribbing positions, but these are the best for vulva-to-vulva contact.
  • Missionary is the most common and easiest tribbing position. With your lover on her back, climb on top between her legs.
  • Open scissors is the well-loved in lesbian porn, but not so much among actual lesbians. To get into the scissors position, sit facing each other, lean back, and scoot up until your vulvas are touching. If you and your lover can get into the position, it does provide excellent vulva-to-vulva contact.
  • Close scissors is a variatiton, which also provides vulva-to-vulva contact. Your lover lies on her back and you kneel between her open thighs.. Hold onto and spread one or both legs as you rub your vulva against hers.
Imaginative lesbians may know other sex acts that only two women can perform. If you have one, describe it in the comments. Meanwhile, these two will get you started having sex the way only lesbians can..

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