Friday, July 21, 2017

Lesbian Sex: 5 Techniques for Achieving Multiple Orgasms

While it’s true that too much of a good can sometimes be bad, that doesn't go for orgasms. If one is good, having two, three, or four is even better. Multiple orgasms means having more than one c.imax during a single lovemaking session, which could mean within minutes, hours, or the entire evening. All women are capable of having multiple orgasms. If you want to give it a try, using these five techniques one you reach your first orgasm can often lead to having more than one.

1) Focus on your breathing

When your arousal level peaks, your body tends to want to take quick, shallow breaths. Defy its natural inclination and instead breathe slowly inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Exaggerate your breath by inhaling and exhaling as slowly and deeply as possible.

2) Push through.

When you reach climax, the head of your clitoris can become super-sensitive, so you probably avoid direct contact. However, if your lover pushes through and keeps lightly stimulating the clitoral area with fingers, tongue, or toy, you might discover that it leads to multiple orgasms.

3) Squeeze..

When you reach orgasm, contract your pelvic floor muscles in between each orgasmic contraction. Squeezing these muscles can prolong your climax and may even generate a second (or third) orgasm. The stronger that your PC muscles are the better this works.

4) Stimulate multiple erogenous zones

Stimulate your breasts, clitoris, G-Spot, and other erogenous zones simultaneously. Different nerve pathways can produce different “types" of orgasms (there may be only one orgasmic response, but women perceive different sources of stimulation differently), so exploring multiple pathways can increase your potential for multiple orgasms.

5) Switch techniques:

These techniqe is a variation on the previous one. If your first orgasm results from clitoral stimulation, try switching to the G-spot or another erogenous zone at the first sign of orgasmic contractions. Recent research suggests that stimulating multiple areas of the body may lead to multiple orgasms.

Even if you don't happen to have multiple orgasms using these techniques at first, they will still enhance the orgasms that you do have. Also, if you or your lover forget to do the techniques during lovemaking, no big deal. Just try to remember the next time. Practicing is something that you and your lover can both enjoy.

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