Monday, July 3, 2017

7 Ways to Tell if You Are Really Bi-Curious

Bi-curious describes a person who identifies as straight, but wonders what it would be like to participate in sexual activity with someone of the same sex. Nearly all of us can appreciate a gorgeous woman, but do your thoughts ever wander a little further than how nice she looks? To determine if you might be a bi-curious woman, let's look at seven signs that indicate yo want to do more than just admire a sexy female.

1) You know what you find attractive in a woman.

If you ask most women what they find attractive in a man, they can reel off a list of traits and qualities, such as tall, good-looking, funny, etc. If you find that you could do the same when looking for traits and qualities in a woman, then that may suggest you are curious about dating one.

2) You enjoy seeing other women naked.

Are changing rooms or locker rooms two of your favorite places? As women, we can’t help themselves from checking out other women's bodies and comparing them with our own. It’s in our DNA. However,if you find your eyes lingering on her breasts and your thoughts wander to what it might be like to touch them, then this could be a sign you are bi-curious.

3) You find yourself intrigued when you meet an attractive woman.

If you find that whenever you meet an attractive woman, you start to speculate about what she likes to do and where she hangs out, you may have feelings that are stronger than simple curiosity about a new acquaintance. If you also wonder what she looks like in a swimsuit or whether she has a boyfriend or a girlfriend, then it might be time to acknowledge that you want to be more than "just friends."

4) You are crushing on a woman.

Many women get crushes on other women, so that is hardly a sure sign you are bi-curious. Most of us like spending time with people we like but if you also have thoughts about her in a sexual nature or you try to get sneak peeks of her semi-naked body, then there is a good chance that you are bi-curious.

5) You wonder what it would be like to date or have sex with a woman.

People are often fascinated by things they're not familiar with, such as lesbian relationships, but if want to know what it’s like to go out on a date with a woman, or you are interested in what two women do in bed, it could mean that you are bi-curious.

6) You kissed a woman and liked it.

Kissing a girl and enjoying it could be a sign of bi-curiosity. if the kiss stayed in your mind and you often think back to it, that could be an indicator that you would consider going further sexually with a woman than just a kiss.

7) You fantasize about having sex with a woman.

Many women admit to fantasizing about sex with another woman. Sometimes, fantasies are just fantasies. However, if your sexual fantasies only involve other women and your secret desire to have sex with one, it could be another sign that you are open to experimenting with lesbian sex.

If you can identify with several or all of the points above, there is a good chance you are bi-curious. If that's the case, you have plenty of company. A study at Boise State University in Idaho, found that more than half of women are bi-curious. What's more, they tend to become more so the older they get.

Even after you realize that you are bi-curious, it doesn’t mean to say you have to act on it, unless you want to. Some women simply acknowledge they are attracted to the other women and just leave it as a fun fantasy. However, others decide to act on their curiosity. If you do decide to turn your fantasies into reality, my article 10 Tips for Great First-Time Lesbian Sex can make your first time great for both you and your lover.

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