Monday, June 26, 2017

Besties With Benefits: 3 Reasons Straight Women Are Having Sex With Each Other

Straight women having sex with each other seems to be a growing trend. The "besties with benefits" phenomenon has become so popular that Cosmo published an article about it. What's going on? Is it fluoride in the water, chemtrails, or something else? Although you can never really be sure what motivates someone to switch up their sexual preferences, there seem to be three main reasons that straight women are experimenting with lesbian sex.

1) They're tired of men.

The number one reason that women turn to other women for sex is because they’re tired of men. After years of failed, abusive, or just boring relationships with men, they begin to feel that they will never have a fulfilling, long-term relationship with a man. That is especially true if they do not have orgasms with intercourse, or do not especially enjoy penetration. It may seem easier and safer to depend on their female friends to fulfill their needs, including their sexual needs.

2) They're searching for a passionate friendship.

Most women still have close relationships with their female friends even when they're in a committed relationship with a man. Some women want their lovers to also be their best friends. They want to share their hearts, minds, and bodies with the same person. If the men in their lives cannot live up to that romantic ideal, they may turn to the best friends to fulfill their desire for a passionate friendship. They already share their hearts and minds with them, so why not their bodies?. They may already hug, kiss, or hold hands, so becoming more physically intimate may not seem like such a big step.

3) It's a new life experience.

For some women, it has absolutely nothing to do with failed relationships with men or wanting to be closer to their lovers. They’re just looking for something new in life. Women are notorious for always wanting to change thing up, including their sex lives. With celebrities "coming out" and women's magazines and websites promoting lesbian relationships, some women may feel that they are missing out or not "with it" if they do not experiment with lesbian sex themselves.

Almost any woman can identify with at least one of these three reasons, but if you have no interest in a "besties with benefits" relationship yourself, don't be shocked if one of your friends does. It's the latest trend after all!

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