Friday, June 23, 2017

The Best Lesbian Breast Kissing Techniques

Breasts are not only a symbol of femininity, but also a key erogenous zone. A study found that when a woman’s nipples are stimulated, the sensation travels to the same part of the brain as when her vagina and clitoris are aroused. That means that every woman can potentially become highly aroused from breast play, and these breast kissing techniques will do just that.

Begin by kissing around your lover's breasts with soft, moist lips. As you do this, gradually move towards her nipples,. When you reach them, exhale on her nipples so that she feels the sensation of your warm breath. As you focus on the nipples themselves, use the tip of your tongue to circle around the nipple in a light "tickling" motion.

Next, caress the nipples with your tongue. As you do so, you should feel her nipples begin to protrude. This is when you should harden your tongue and start to flick it back and forth over her now erect nipples.

If your lover's nipples haven't become hard yet, suck each one gently and as you release it, exhale over it. The evaporative effect will produce an cool sensation which should do the trick. Next, suck the nipple and lightly nibble on it, using your lip instead of bottom teeth as support, so there's some "give."

When you feel her nipples erect, point and stab the tip of your tongue into her nipples, while moving the tip of the tongue up and down her nipples. Then, slowly insert the nipple into your mouth. Suck while playing with the tip of your tongue.

Cup the breast in your hand as you're doing this. There is a good chance that by this time, other parts on your lover's breasts will be more sensitive, so kissing or licking under her breast or between them should turn her on. Don't focus on only one breast, of course. Move between each one and while giving oral attention to one, gently caress or lightly pinch the other one. but be sure that you have wet it with your tongue first.

Naturally, pay attention to your lover's reactions, and when in doubt, gentle and slow is the way to go. Breast kissing is a great way to turn your lover on, and it's great fun for you, too. Who knows? You may even end up giving your lover a nipple orgasm.

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