Friday, June 16, 2017

Lesbian Oral Sex: How To Tongue Her Vagina

When giving their lovers oral sex, many women stick to licking the clitoris only. They know that licking the clitoris can produce an intense orgasm, so they stay with the tried and true. However, if you’re feeling a bit naughty and want your lover to have a really mind-blowing orgasm, tonguing her vagina can take oral sex to the next level. Tongue thrusting is an oral sex technique that your lover may never have had used on her, so that makes it exciting all by itself.

Not every oral sex position will work for this technique. Missionary with your lover's legs spread or doggy style are the best positions to use since they put you in control. On the other hand, a position like facesiting where the receiver is in control doesn't work as well. However, experiment and try different positions because this technique is all about having fun and enjoying yourselves.

Once you’ve started giving your lover oral sex, you still don’t want to go straight to tonguing her vagina. Even if she’s turned on from foreplay, you still need to get her even more turned on before you pull out this naughty trick. Start by licking her clitoris softly with your tongue and then gradually work your way down to her vaginal opening. Lick all around her creases, pausing every now and then to continue licking her clitoris.

When you can tell that she’s aroused enough for you to put your tongue inside her vagina, gently begin to probe her with a pointed tongue. Don’t have your tongue flat for this technique. Instead, make it firm and pointed so that you can insert it with ease. If your partner seems receptive to you gently probing her vagina, you can begin thrusting your tongue in and out.

You might assume that if you have a short tongue that this technique won't work for you, but nothing could be further from the truth. Her most sensitive nerve endings are near the opening of the vagina, and you only need an inch or two for that. Combine tongue thrusting with licking the clitoris, and you will make your lover orgasm so hard, she won’t know what hit her!

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