Friday, July 14, 2017

Bi-Curious? What Is Going Down on Another Woman Really Like?

If you are are a bi-curious woman who is considering going to bed with another woman, you may have questions about the topic of performing oral sex on her. Will she expect it? What will she smell and taste like "down there?" What if you're really bad at it, and she doesn't like it and doesn't have an orgasm?

These are natural questions to have because, after all, you haven.t ever gone down on a woman. To answer the first question, will she expect it? Not necessarily, but if she goes down on you (and how could she resist), She may be a bit frustrated if you don't reciprocate. You will probably want to also, especially if she made you feel really good. So, in case the situation arises, what is going down on another woman really like?

When you start getting close to your lover's vulva, you usually can smell her. It has a sort of musky, sharp scent that taps into and turns on some primal part of your brain. A woman's scent is meant to entice you on a very instinctual level, and it does.

The view from down there is exquisite. You get to see what a vulva looks like from a perspective other than a mirror. You can, hopefully, see how wet and aroused she is, which is a turn-on. As you run your mouth over her folds and lips, you will find the taste rather tangy.

A vulva is soft, sweet, and fun to play with. Some women have large, sensitive clitorises, while others have to be coaxed out. Also, the reactions you can pull from your lover are so varied. It's fun to try to tease out different sounds when your face is between your lover's legs and her knees are clamped on your ears, it's sensual and erotic.

Even without having given oral sex to another woman before, you will probably find that you are at least OK at it. Just do her the way that you like it done to you. One of the best things about giving  oral sex to women is that they gasp, moan, thrust, and shake in a way that makes you feel empowered. When you bring your a female lover to orgasm, you feel that you have really accomplished something.

So, if you're bi-curious, don't let anxiety about performing oral sex stop you from experimenting. Focus on finding a sexy woman you like and who likes you back. Giving her oral sex - if she wants you to - will come naturally.

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