Friday, February 2, 2018

Bi-Curious? What Is a Lesbian Relationship Really Like?

Have you ever seen a lesbian couple and wondered what a lesbian relationship is really like? Is it like being with your best friend except with sex? Not exactly, but it's not completely different from that either. No two relationships are alike, of course, but you still can make a few generalizations After all, men and woman are different. So with that in mind, these are some of the main differences you would probably find between a straight relationship and a lesbian relationship:

1) You will do a lot of talking.

A majority of women like to talk about their feelings, so if you are used to dating men, be prepared for this aspect of your relationship to be different. Being able to have open and honest conversations is rewarding, but there also is a down side. Talking about something too much can end up making mountains out of molehills. Working out how to be sensitive about one another’s feelings, while not spending your all your time talking about those feelings is a, path that lesbian relationships have to tread carefully.

2) You get a second wardrobe.

It's great to have access to extra clothes without any extra cost! In a lesbian relationship, you suddenly have access to a second wardrobe full of outfits. Even when you don’t live together, this can work out pretty well. On those nights when you think you are just going to go on a date, but end up the spending the night, you don't have to worry about a change of clothes, you can just borrow hers!

3) You may end up worrying more.

Your easygoing nature may suddenly give way to gnawing self-doubt and irrational paranoia. You may begin to worry constantly about everything from what she’s doing when she doesn’t answer your texts to what she meant when she said, “I really need to focus on my work right now,” to why it’s 3 am and she isn’t back from that “talk” with her ex yet. You will question everything – yourself, your relationship, and whether you’re even lesbian.

4) You can share beauty/hygiene products

If your period starts early and you need a tampon, no problem. Your girlfriend has you covered. Have you run out of shampoo, conditioner,body wash, or some makeup item? She probably has that too.

5) You are probably going to cry more.

Lesbian drama is sort of a stereotype, but most stereotypes have some truth in them. Women are more emotional than men, and when there are two of you in a relationship, this means that arguments are more emotionally-driven. While partners in a straight relationship might find they are more likely to get irritated with each another, lesbian relationships tend to have more heated and passionate arguments, However, the good news is that they often lead to hot and passionate make-up sex!

6) Lesbian sex is the best!

Not only is lesbian sex more orgasmic for women than straight sex, but it also comes with free birth control! In a lesbian relationship, the opportunities for getting frisky become endless because you can make out just about anywhere! If you have never gotten hot and heavy in the ladies room, or sneaked into the changing room for a quick make-out session, you don't know what you're missing. Back in the bedroom, sex can just go on and on and on - no more listening to your lover snore while you lie there frustrated. And kissing and cuddling - don't forget the kissing and cuddling. (My article Bi-Curious? What Is Sex With Another Women Really Like? reveals more about this.)

This doesn't exhaust the possible differences between a straight relationship and a lesbian relationship, but these are some common ones. A lesbian relationship can be very intense and sometimess challenging, but that's also what makes it rewarding. And fun - don't forget the fun!

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