Friday, November 25, 2016

Lesbian Sex: Two Hot Ways to Warm Up Your Lover

One of the most fun aspects of sex is creating anticipation and building sexual tension. Spending plenty of time kissing, hugging, and caressing your lover helps do that, of course, but even when you are both ready to "head south," it's still a good idea to take your time getting there. The more turned on your lover is, the more responsive she will be to your desires. These two hot ways to warm up your lover will take the anticipation and sexual tension you've created to the next level.

The Teasing Finger Technique

The Teasing Finger Technique warms up your lover for fingering, although it can be used before oral sex, too.
  • If your lover has pubic hair, gently run your fingers through it.
  • Trace the edges of your lover's inner labia with your finger, and then gently squeeze and pinch them.
  • With short, soft strokes, gently rub her front commissure, which is the smooth area just above her clitoris.
  • Tap lightly with the pad of your finger on her frenulum, the area between her clitoris and vaginal opening.
  • Tease her fourchette, the area where her outer lips meet under her vaginal opening.
  • Gently tickle the lower base of her vaginal opening.
  • Slowly insert your finger about two inches into into her vagina. Don’t attempt to insert more of your finger or stroke her vaginal walls. One finger inserted two inches insider her is all you need to tease her and build sexual tension.
The Oral Teasing Technique

The Oral Teasing Technique is used to transition to oral sex from another sexual activity.
  • If your lover is still wearing panties, kiss her through them.
  • Kiss her softly on her inner thighs. Your kisses should be little, soft smacks with lips pursed and no tongue.
  • After ths, move your kisses into the area around her vulva.
  • Breathe the warm air from your mouth on her entire vulva.
  • Blow very gently on the head of her clitoris. (Do NOT blow into her vagina. Doing this can cause an embolism if she has a tear in her vagina.)
Slow and sensual are the watchwords for both techniques. If you think of other moves that fit the techniques, by all means, add them. Sex is an art, after all, and you and your lover are the artists.

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