Friday, April 27, 2018

6 Hot Positions to Spice Up Lesbian Sex

Lesbian sex is more orgasmic for women than straight sex, but even it can become a bit ho-hum if you don't change things up from time to time. One of the easiest ways to do that is by changing sex positions, which provides new sensations without having to learn new sexual techniques. If you want to spice things up between you and your lover, these six  mildly kinky sex positions should do the trick.

Fingering Positions

Breasts Touching

To get into this position, lean towards your lover as if getting into missionary position until both your breasts are touching. Reach out your hand to rub her clitoris while simultaneously pressing your breasts against hers.

The Bathtub Spoon:

This is an intimate and sexy position that is perfect for a night of romance. The heat of the water guarantees some intense whole-body feeling. Have you lover lie on top of you in the bathtub. Reach around to finger her with one hand and play with her breasts with the other.

Oral Sex Positions


For the Queening position, lie down on the bed face up. Your lover will “sit” on your face by placing a knee on either side of your head with her vulva just above your mouth, giving you only enough room to breathe and lick and suck her vulva. You can also have your lover face away from you (Reverse Queening).

Side 69

Lying on your sides and facing each other allows you to focus on the oral play, rather than where your limbs are, or how balanced you are on top, and the less difficult the position, the more likely you and your lover are to both get off.

Tribbing Positions

Lying on your side and facing one another allows you to focus on the act, rather than where your limbs are, or how balanced you are on top, and the less difficult the position, the more likely you and your lover are to both get off. It also provides easier access for both of you, and it's easier to incorporate fingering into the act when you're at a side angle.

Tribbing Positions

Reverse Cowgirl-

To get into the Reverse Cowgirl position, You can either sit or lie on your back. Your lover then straddles your legs or gets between them facing towards your feet. She then against your crotch, holding on to your thighs for support if she needs to. Although the woman on top is in control of the action in this position, the woman behind or underneath tends to get the most direct stimulation.


Scissoring provides an intense amount of sexual stimulation. In order to do this position, you and your lover should be similar sizes and reasonably slim and flexible. To get into the Scisssors position, both of you open your legs, and then scoot up until your vulvas are touching. You will then rub yourselves against each other. You can use each other's legs as a grip and also to drive your movements.

The only one of these positions that requires any "acrobatics" is possibly scissoring. Otherwise, all are the rest are easy and comfortable. So, go ahead and have some sensual, sexy fun!

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