Friday, October 27, 2017

3 Amazing Lesbian Oral Sex Techniques

Because every woman has different degrees of sensitivity in her erogenous zones, there is no single, one-size-fits-all method for oral sex (or any other sex act). That said, most women love these three amazing oral sex techniques. They are both easy to perform and highly pleasurable for your lover.

1) Trace the Lips

This is a great warm-up technique, and if your lover is extremely sensitive, it may be all she needs to reach an orgasm. Using the lip of your tongue, use light (but wet) flicks from the bottom of the labia minora and majora up to the clitoris and then down again, alternating with light kisses on the inside of the thighs, either side of the vulva, and where the two meet. After a warm up, you can move to making circles with your tongue upon the clitoris . Try clockwise and counter-clockwise, and see which gets the most enthusiastic response.

2) The Aphrodite Technique

Using your tongue alone, separate her labia majora and labia minora. Move slowly and press your tongue as lightly as possible to open her lips. Make her crave more touch by shifting your patterns. Glide your tongue up the clitoral shaft to the clitoral hood. Expose the clitoral glans (or the head of her clitoris). Swirl your tongue slowly around the head, barely touching it. As her breathing gets faster and she moves against you, take her to the next level, adding more tongue pressure to your moves. Slip your tongue back and forth in the space between the place where her labia meet and the clitoral hood. Put your lips around her clit and suck. Alternate with licking the shaft. Increase the pressure and speed as she moves toward orgasm.

3) On the Edge of Her Seat

If your lover likes to switch from light to hard and back again, or seems as if she wants to take control of the experience rather than lie back and relax, this is an ideal oral sex technique. Lie back and put your arms under and behind her thighs as she straddles your face. She can lift herself up for light flicks of your tongue or (carefully) grind if she wants a more intense sensation. While she's facing you, you can add finger or vibrator stimulation to her clitoris if it’s exposed, or let her do so while you cup her breasts or grab and spank her butt while enjoying the view.

Even if your lover is totally satisfied with what you already do, it never hurts to spice things up now and then. Everyone likes a sexy surprise once in awhile. It helps keep lovemaking exciting.

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