Friday, July 28, 2017

5 Ways to Let a Girl Know You Like Girls

Let's say you've met a cute girl somewhere, but you don't know whether she is gay or straight. You could just ask her, of course, or tell her that you're interested in a gay way. However, if that's a bit too bold and direct for you, here are five subtle ways to let a girl know that you like girls.

1) Pay her lots of compliments.

Everyone likes compliments, so it's hard to go wrong with this tactic. Tell her you like her hair, her shoes, or anything about her, as long as you mean it! A compliment and a flirtatious smile go a long way towards establishing a friendship or even a relationship. If she's interested, she'll probably do it right back.

2) Mention other girls being hot

Girls describe other girls as being hot all the time, but it can put ideas in her head. Talking about a female celebrity that you think is particularly attractive instead of some girl you know will keep her from getting jealous in case she is interested in you.

3) Add her on Facebook.

Who can resist checking the "about" page of her new Facebook friend? If your "interested in" section says "girls" or "women," she will undoubtedly take notice. You can use this same tactic on most other social media sites, too.

4) Bring up lesbian TV shows or celebrities.

Mentioning lesbian TV shows, such as The L Word or Orange is the New Black is a great way to steer the conversation in a direction that may lead to your own sexual orientation coming up.

5) "Come out" subtly.

You can "come out" subtly in casual conversation to let a girls know that you're interested in girls. For example, you can bring up something about your "last girlfriend" to see how she responds.

If she turns out to be straight, all is not lost. A recent study found that a majority of females are at least somewhat bi-curious. The cute girl that you have your eye on may be one of them. My article How to Seduce a Straight Girl in 6 Easy Steps reveals how to entice a straight girl into exploring her bi side - with you.

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