Friday, December 23, 2016

The Top 10 Lesbian Sexual Fantasies

Since lesbian sex is one of the top sexual fantasies among all women, you could say that lesbians are already living their fantasy. Nevertheless, lesbians have their own sexual fantasies. Here are ten of the top ten sexual fantasies among lesbians. How many do you share?

Celebrity Sex

Is there an actress, singer, or some other celebrity you've wanted to sleep with ever since you first saw her? It doesn't matter whether she is a lesbian in real life. You can still fantasize about her all you want!.She will be very receptive.


Do you ever fantasize about having a lover on her knees ready to fulfill your every sexual desire? Maybe you fantasize about spanking a lover or handcuffing her to the bedposts. Even if you're not dominant in real life, you can be in your fantasies.


Want to put on a show for a lover? Maybe you have a secret fantasy of becoming a pole dancer or stripper and performing before an audience of adoring women. You may be too shy to actually do it, but you can imagine what it would be like in your fantasies.

Outdoor Sex

Do you fantasize about having sex outside the bedroom? Have you dreamed of making love on a beach, in the forest, or in a grassy meadow? The great outdoors can be your sexual playground in your fantasies.

Sex in Public

Want the thrill of getting frisky in a bathroom, an elevator, or your backyard? Does the risk of getting caught add to your sexual excitement? You can have the thrill without the risk in your fantasies.

Sex in the Workplace

If you fantasize about getting it on with a co-worker or your boss, you are not alone. Fifty-six percent of women have sexual fantasies about a co-worker or colleague. You can do it without jeopardizing your job in your fantasies.

Sex With a Stranger

Has this scenario every played out in your head? You meet a beautiful woman in a bar or on the street and take her back to your place for the wildest sex you have ever had. You only exchange first names and never see her again. "Lick and leave" might not be your style in real life, but it doesn't hurt to fantasize.


Have you ever fantasizef about a lover who will would run the show, put you in your place, and maybe even exercise a little discipline? Have you ever wanted to just surrender your body to a lover and just let her do whatever she wants? Surprisingly enough, this fantasy is especially common among lesbians in positions of authority.


Have you ever had a crush on a sexy teacher or professor? Ot, maybe the reverse situation: you've lusted after one of your sexy students? Either way, fantasizing about a sexual encounter is fun and risk-free for everyone.

Threesome/Group Sex

Do you dream of a threesome with two women pleasuring you? Or maybe you fantasize about attending a lesbian sex party where you witness (and even participate in) the wildest sex you can imagine. Even if you're in a committed relationship, you can indulge your desires in your fantasies.

Sexual fantasies can be something you act out with your lover, masturbate to, or just think about when you are alone. Remember, the brain is the largest sexual organ. Even if your sexual fantasies are never fulfilled in real life, they can still enhance your sex life.

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