Friday, December 1, 2017

10 Lesbian Oral Sex Tips and Tricks

 Oral sex is a sexual practice that most lesbian couples enjoy. In fact in one sex survey, lesbians rated oral sex as their favorite sexual activity. Like any sexual practice, however, a change of pacc is needed once in a awhile to  keep it fun and exciting. These ten tips and tricks wll help keep oral sex one of you and your lover's favorite things to do in bed.

1) Massaging her inner thighs without touching the vaginal area is sure to get her turned on. Use your hands to massage the insides of her thighs, getting tantalizingly close to her vulva, but pulling back before going all the way.

2) Get her vaginal lips engorged before touching her clitoris. Kiss and lick from her inner thighs all the way up to her labia. Leaving your tongue soft and jaw relaxed, try licking her from the vaginal opening up to her clitoris and following the outer edges of her vlva along both sides. Work on her vaginal lips until they’re super engorged. The labia often get ignored, so when attention is paid to them, they are extremely sensitive.

4) Use smooth, steady, slow rhythmic licks to begin with. You can speed up as she becomes more and more aroused.

5) Soften your tongue and lick around the clitoral area rather than aggressively attacking the clitoris. Varying the pattern of licking is also important.

3) The majority of nerve endings in a woman’s vagina are around the opening and within the first two inches inside. Stimulate them with your tongue by inserting it into her vaginal opening and moving your tongue in and out, as well as in circles around the insideg.

6) Don’t just lick the clitoris. Suck it, too. Suck the cliorist into your mouth a little while licking, and then release it. Then do it again. Be sure to use this technique only after she is really aroused, but avoid using it during her orgasms. The sensation could prove too intense for her to take.

7) If she pushes against you while you’re going down on her, do whatever you’re doing harder. If she pulls away from you, do it lighter. When he screams “YES!” keep doing exactly what you’re doing, but harder and faster.

8) Once you find something that works, don’t change to something different unless you are moving to something that you know works even better.

9) Moan or hum while going down on your lover. The reverberations from your voice will feel like a vibrator to her

10) Use your middle and ring fingers on her G-spot rather than your middle and index finger. These fingers are longer, and when you curl them in a “come hither” motion, they hit the G-spot just right.

These ten tips and tricks are simple and easy. Women are different, so not every single one may work with your lover, but most of them will. To start with, just pick out one or two techniques you think you would enjoy and give them a try the next time you go down on her. She’ll be glad you did.

My book Lesbian Oral Sex Secrets: How to Give Great Oral Sex and Make Her Orgasm Every Time includes numerous tips and techniques that will skyrocket your oral sex skills. To give your lover the best oral sex she’s ever had, starting tonight, click here!


Anonymous said...

those are all delicious tips ;) one that i enjoy... after her folds are flushed and swollen from your soft, broad licks (see tip #2), trace the entire outline of her folds (slowly) with only the tip of your tongue. intentionally avoid her clitoris, just barely tho - the slow movement, change from wide to pointed licks, and anticipation of the next, immediate feeling sweetly builds the sexual tension ;)

Svetlana Ivanova said...

That sounds soooo sexy! :)

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

So sexy sound i reallyenjoying it